Architectural Precast Concrete

- precast concrete, that through application, finish, shape, color or texture contributes to a building’s architectural form and finished effect. It’s a type of precast which covers the aesthetic, functional, structural requirements and defines all limiting factors. Architectural precast may includes wall cladding, coping beams, planter box, concrete bench/tables, trim products (coping beams, Arch buttress, railings, balustrade, concrete architraves for doors & windows etc.), curtain wall etc.


Structural Precast Concrete

- Is a construction product produced by casting concrete in a reusable mould or form which is then cured in a controlled environment, transported to the construction site and lifted into place. This includes foundations, columns, beams/girders, floor/slabs, walls (retaining, sandwich wall panels etc), parapets and other structural components. It is essential that each structural component be designed and tested to withstand both the tensile and compressive loads that the member will be subjected to over its lifespan.


Infrastructural Precast Concrete

- can be divided into Retaining Walls, Sanitary/Storm water, Water/Wastewater Products, Utility Structures, Transportation/Traffic Related Products and Modular Paving.

  • Retaining Walls - Precast concrete provides the manufacturers with the ability to produce a wide range of engineered earth retaining systems. Products include: commercial retaining wall, residential retaining walls, sea walls, mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) panels, modular block systems, segmental retaining walls, etc. Retaining walls have 5 different types which include: gravity retaining wall, semi-gravity retaining wall, cantilever retaining wall, counter-fort retaining wall, and buttress retaining wall.
  • Sanitary/Storm water - are structures designed for underground installation that have been specifically engineered for the treatment and removal of pollutants from sanitary and storm water run-off. These precast concrete products include storm water detention vaults, catch basins, and manholes.
  • Water/Wastewater Products - Precast water and wastewater products hold or contain water, oil or other liquids for the purpose of further processing into non-contaminating liquids and soil products. Products include: aeration systems, distribution boxes, dosing tanks, dry wells, grease interceptors, leaching pits, sand-oil/oil-water interceptors, septic tanks, water/sewage storage tanks, wet-wells, fire cisterns and other water & wastewater products.
  • Utility Structures - For communications, electrical, gas or steam systems, precast concrete utility structures protect the vital connections and controls for utility distribution. Products include: route markers, earth pit, light pole bases, meter boxes, panel vaults/link box cabinet, pull boxes, telecommunications structures, transformer pads/feeder pillars, transformer vaults, trenches, utility buildings/substation, utility vaults, utility poles, controlled environment vaults (CEVs,) and other utility structures.
  • Transportation / Traffic Related Products - Precast concrete transportation products are used in the construction, safety and site protection of road, airport and railroad transportation systems. Products include: box culverts, 3-sided culverts, bridge systems, railroad crossings, railroad ties, sound walls/barriers, Jersey/Road barriers, wheel stoppers, kerb stones, tunnel segments, precast concrete barriers, TVCBs, central reservation barriers and other transportation products. These are used to make underpasses, surface-passes and pedestrian subways, so that traffic in cities is disturbed for less amount of timeand for other purposes.
  • Modular Paving - is available in a rainbow of colors, shapes, sizes and textures, these versatile precast concrete pieces can be designed to mimic brick, stone or wood. Products include: Paving Slabs/Tiles, interlocks etc.