About Polytex


Polytex division is covering area of 70,000 sft with a automated manufacturing capacity of 3000 metric tonnes, Terrazzo Dubai Co. LLC is using the state of the art Four Arm / Three Arm Bi-axial machines (Reinhardt - German Design) and Rock and Roll machine for manufacturing our products. The bi-axial machines, as the name suggest, rotates the mould on two axis, providing the complete rotation. This bi-axially rotating mould is then heated by the circulating hot air at a temperature of 280 - 3000 C. This high temperature is reached by firing specially designed German made diesel fired burner. When the heating is completed, the mould is moved to the cooling stations. Here it is cooled by high pressure air blowing from heavy duty air blowers.


Terrazzo Dubai Co. LLC uses PLC Controlled Reinhardt – Germany designed Bi-Axial machines, which has an excellent temperature control system which enables precise control of the temperature at which the products are made without causing any degradation to the material of the tanks. These machines enable manufacture of the products with excellent quality and also the quality is consistent from product to product which is not possible without such a control.


Material Handling System

We have fully mechanized system for handling our material such as forklifts & pallet trucks storage racks.



We are fully equipped with testing machines for testing our incoming raw materials & outgoing finished goods.



Terrazzo Dubai LLC uses shell-like moulds for production. They define the outside shape of the product but do not have internal core. Cast aluminium is commonly used for multi – cavity moulds for complex shapes. Fabricated sheet metal moulds are generally used as moulds and should comprise six key factors viz. shape, size, quantity, appearance, heat transfer and weight capacity of the machine. The basic requirements of a mould used by us are as under:-


  • It should have a good thermal conductivity so that the heat is transferred to and from the plastic as quickly as possible.
  • The mould should be able to withstand, without warping, the thermal cycle of the heating and cooling stages of the process.
  • There should be provision of quick release clamps to keep the halves of the mould tightly closed during the heating and cooling stages but which facilitate fast opening of the mould at the end of the cycle.
  • The mounting of the mould on the arm /plate should not prevent the free passage of air over the entire surface of the mould, otherwise hot spots are formed.
  • It is desirable to have a vent pipe in the moulds.


For excellent texture in products like flower pots, playground furniture, etc., aluminium cast moulds are used.