Block paving is a simple innovative construction technique and practical way for providing an ideal surface which can handle heavy traffic and suitable for several applications like walkways and parking areas. It’s attractive, functional, economical and easy to use features have made block paving more usable than any other form of conventional paving such as asphalt, rigid concrete, traditional tiles, etc. Block paving has several advantages over any other form of paving. Few of them are mentioned below:

  • MORE STRENGTH – Paving blocks are stronger and durable, enabling them to handle the weight of heavy construction equipment or fully loaded trailers, additionally they have an exceptionally long product life of 20 years.
  • LESS ABSORBENT – Paving blocks have less water absorption (5%), providing substantial resistance to oil and salt, common destructive agents to the life and appearance of other paving surfaces.
  • MORE ATTRACTIVE – Because paving Blocks are readily available in a variety of shapes and colours, an endless number of beautiful patters and designs can be created.
  • EASIER AND YEAR-ROUND INSTALLATION – Each block is easily held in one hand and the installation requires neither the specialized equipment nor an intensively skilled labour. It can be installed anytime of the year, in practically any type of climate or weather, and paved areas are ready for use immediately after completion, which will in short, avoid costly construction delays.
  • LESS MAINTENANCE – Concrete paving block require for less maintenance than other paving materials. The strength and durability of paving blocks eliminates the costly patching and surfacing, while coloured blocks makes it possible to create a mosaic of parking-space lines and directional signs, which eliminates painting.
  • EASILY REUSABLE – The most remarkable is its ease of handing. If for any reason, you have decided to replace or remove them for repairing a water line or any services which are normally laid under paved areas, simply remove the blocks, do the job and then replace the same blocks, provided that the removed blocks are preserved.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY – Paving blocks remain aesthetically pleasing and cooler than other paving systems, especially in summer, which makes it an ideal choice for parks, patios, around swimming pools, pedestrian areas, etc.
  • COST SAVINGS – The initially higher cost of paving blocks is recouped many times over through longer product life, reduced maintenance and repair, sealing and stripping costs, making paving blocks the most economical material available for our next paving job.

Because of the shapes, paving blocks have a unique ability of ‘interlocking’ which allows pavers to handle heavy loads and spread them over sub-base, by means of arching and bridging action. The preparation of the sub-base is extremely important because the life of the paving is entirely dependent upon the quality of the sub-base. Pavers are always laid over 50mm of sand bed.

Paving blocks are designed to be both functional and decorative, providing an attractive paving system of considerable strength. Paving blocks with varieties of shapes, sizes and colours are manufactured according to British standards, for the construction of footpaths, roads, parking areas, shopping malls, villas, etc.

Block paving is commonly used in

  • Buildings for walkways and parking areas
  • Villas for walkways, parking areas and patios
  • Roads for sidewalks, drive ways and parking lots
  • Fuel stations
  • Stores

Quality pavers from TERRABLOC can help you discover new inspirational ideas to create a wide spectrum of designs for your drive way and patio areas. Usually, they are available in seven colours such as grey, red, black, green, yellow, tan and beige. Multi-colou interlock is a unique yet diverse mode of colouring. The concrete paving blocks both coloured and non-coloured are laid adjacent to each other to form various designs and a durable stable surface. TERRABLOC paving blocks are manufactured to high standards offering a distinctive and worthwhile investment for your project with low maintenance and a superb appearance.


Rectangular pavers are the basic block paviours and are both functional and decorative. Though simple in shape, rectangular blocks are the most commonly used blocks for sidewalks, petrol stations and drive ways.


Quadro is another strikingly attractive paving block which is suitable and ideal for sidewalks, domestic driveways, parking bays and any other area subject to light weight vehicular use.

It is one of the most versatile and attractive block paving systems which offers an almost unlimited rage of laying patterns which can be made even more exciting by introducing contracting colours. The number of design possibilities with the quadro system is almost limitless. This paving system is ideal for villas, palaces, courtyards and various other lightweight vehicular traffic areas.



Square & Edgestone pavers are the bask block paviours and both functional and decorative. Though simple in shape, square blocks are the most commonly used blocks for sidewalks, petrol stations and drive ways.


Heel Kerbs are designed to complement block paving and serve as an ideal, attractive and versatile edge restraint.