The manufacturing plant with an approximate area of 82,000 sft is well equipped with modern and Italian hydraulic presses, grinding and polishing machines and R & D Centre that conforms to the current trend in the floor and construction technology.

The factory is also equipped with testing machinery for the purpose of day-to-day testing of products. Besides products are also tested on a regular basis test and certificates are obtained from various independent agencies in UAE and abroad. 

Terrazzo Cement Mosaic Tiles are hydraulically pressed up to 200kg / cm2 on the most state of art machines available from Italy’s leading manufacturers. Terrazzo quality is built at every stage of production. A design bank with in numeral designs provides consultants and customers with the maximum possible range of products. Terrazzo employs the most modern technique in concrete curing – a 24 hour process adapted to provide durability to the tiles in any climatic conditions and environment. Linear six head grinders and polishers fitted with Carborundum abrasive heads gives facility for graded polishing giving Terrazzo Cement Mosaic Tiles their characteristic high quality finish.

Raw Material Used

Terrazzo Cement Mosaic Tiles are made from high quality imported marble chips from various countries