Our Cement Cable tiles Division was established in 1990 and covers a total area of 40,000 sft approximately. It has a production capacity of more than 6 Million cement cable cover tiles per year.

World Class Hydraulic Automatic Pressing Machines are used in Manufacturing of Cement Cable cover Tiles.

Manufacturing Process of Cable Cover Tiles.

The Cable Cover Tiles are being manufactured in a six station rotary press wherein two Tiles are manufactured on each station and are de-moulded every 20 seconds. Pressure intensity for these tiles used will be of more than 100Kg per cm² which is much above the specified minimum pressure of 75Kg per cm ² in the B.S.2484

The above material is mixed thoroughly in a planetary mixer for a 8 to 10 minutes and required quantity of the concrete is discharges in steel moulds through automatic batcher as 1st Layer Concrete Mix. It is vibrated for 60-seconds.

Concrete mix is of the same raw material as in the 1st layer with same cement / Aggregate ratio. Water range is 5% (semi wet), which is being mixed in the mixer.

The Concrete mix is pressed in hydraulic press at 100 kg/cm2 Pressure over the entire surface of the cable cover Tiles. This pressure process of 1st and 2nd Layer binds the top and bottom Layers so firmly, which makes the full tile homogenous.

Tiles are extracted automatically and placed on the steel crates and are shifted immediately to the curing yard. Tiles are cured for minimum 5-7 days continuously with sufficient water spray in the curing yard. The proper cured tiles are checked for quality and thus passed tiles are stacked on strong and good quality wooden pallets. Finally these pallets with tiles are stripped with PVC /Steel strips and are transported to the respective sites through Trucks or Trailers.

Raw Material (Per Cubic Meter Concrete)

  • High Quality SR Cement : 370Kg/cubic m.
  • Crushed Sand : 250Kg/cubic m.
  • Crushed Aggregate (0-3) mm : 950Kg/cubic m.
  • Crushed Aggregate (3-9) mm : 650Kg/cubic m.
  • Water Cement Ratio : 0.35 – 0.45