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Plant 1: Terrazzo Mosaic Tiles Division

The manufacturing plant with an approximate area of 82,000 sft is well equipped with modern and Italian hydraulic presses, grinding and polishing machines and R & D Centre that conforms to the current trend in the floor and construction technology.

The factory is also equipped with testing machinery for the purpose of day-to-day testing of products. Besides products are also tested on a regular basis, test and certificates are obtained from independent agencies in UAE and abroad. 

Terrazzo Cement Mosaic Tiles are hydraulically pressed up to 200kg / cm2 on the most state of art machines available from Italy's leading manufacturers. Terrazzo quality is built at every stage of production. A design bank with in numeral designs provides consultants and customers with the maximum possible range of products. Terrazzo employs the most modern technique in concrete curing - a 24 hour process adapted to provide durability to the tiles in any climatic conditions and environment. Linear six head grinders and polishers fitted with Carborundum abrasive heads gives facility for graded polishing giving Terrazzo Cement Mosaic Tiles their characteristic high quality finish.


Plant 2: Cable Cover Tiles Division

Our Cement Cable tiles Division was established in 1990 and covers a total area of 40,000 sft approximately. It has a production capacity of 780,000 M2 of cement cable cover tiles per year.

World Class Hydraulic Automatic Pressing Machines are used in Manufacturing of Cement Cable Tiles.

The Cable Cover Tiles are being manufactured in a six station rotary press wherein two Tiles are manufactured on each station and are de-moulded every 20 seconds. Pressure intensity for these tiles used will be of more than 100Kg per cm² which is much above the specified minimum pressure of 75Kg per cm ² in the B.S.2484

The above material is mixed thoroughly in a planetary mixer for a 8 to 10 minutes and required quantity of the concrete is discharges in steel moulds through automatic batcher as 1st Layer Concrete Mix. It is vibrated for 60-seconds.

Concrete mix is of the same raw material as in the 1st layer with same cement / Aggregate ratio. Water range is 5% (semi wet), which is being mixed in the mixer. The Concrete mix is pressed in hydraulic press at 100 kg/cm2 Pressure over the entire surface of the cable cover Tiles. This pressure process of 1st and 2nd Layer binds the top and bottom Layers so firmly, which makes the full tile homogenous.

Tiles are extracted automatically and placed on the steel crates and are shifted immediately to the curing yard. Tiles are cured for minimum 5-7 days continuously with sufficient water spray in the curing yard. The proper cured tiles are checked for quality and thus passed tiles are stacked on strong and good quality wooden pallets. Finally these pallets with tiles are stripped with PVC /Steel strips and are transported to the respective sites through Trucks or Trailers.


Plant 3: Marble & Granite Division

Terrazzo's Marble & Granite Division, was opened in 1983 having area of 105,000 sft located in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, currently it is one of the biggest and best in UAE & Gulf Countries, With an unmatched supply base, it sources marble and granite from Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Turkey, China, Brazil & India. Terrazzo is using world class machinery for bridge cutting, trolley cutting, polishing, profiling, and water-jet cutting. Terrazzo's design department, equipped with the latest AutoCAD, enables it to provide the customer with a variety of designs, both for flooring and Cladding for Malls, Commercials, Residential and Public Buildings providing variety of applications.


Plant 4: Polytex Division

Polytex division is covering area of 70,000 sft with a automated manufacturing capacity of 3000 metric tonnes, Terrazzo Dubai Co. LLC is using the state of the art Four Arm / Three Arm Bi-axial machines (Reinhardt - German Design) and Rock and Roll machine for manufacturing our products. The bi-axial machines, as the name suggest, rotates the mould on two axis, providing the complete rotation. This bi-axially rotating mould is then heated by the circulating hot air at a temperature of 280 - 3000 C. This high temperature is reached by firing specially designed German made diesel fired burner. When the heating is completed, the mould is moved to the cooling stations. Here it is cooled by high pressure air blowing from heavy duty air blowers.

Terrazzo Dubai Co. LLC uses PLC Controlled Reinhardt - Germany designed Bi-Axial machines, which has an excellent temperature control system which enables precise control of the temperature at which the products are made without causing any degradation to the material of the tanks. These machines enable manufacture of the products with excellent quality and also the quality is consistent from product to product which is not possible without such a control.


Plant 4: Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) Division

The GRC division was initially set up in Al Quoz Industrial Area in Dubai with the manufacturing facility covering an area of over 200,000 square feet. To meet the current and future requirement it has expanded into a state of the art manufacturing facility spanning over 400,000 square feet in Dubai Industrial City. Terrazzo can boast of having one of the biggest GRC plants in the Middle East currently.

Terrazzo has emerged as one of the largest GRC manufacturing companies in the Middle East and other parts of the world over the last decade. Commitment to quality and innovative finishes has resulted in the company bagging majority of prestigious GRC cladding projects in the past decade in the region.

Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) or Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) is generally manufactured by either "Spray" process or "Premix" vibration casing process The method chosen is normally dictated by factors such as strength requirements, sizes of mould, architects specification, etc. As a general rule, larger items, such as building cladding panels etc. are normally sprayed whereas small items are manufactured from Premix GRC Process.

In Spray GRC process, products with thinner sections are preferred whereas in Premix GRC process, products with thicker & see through (screens) sections are preferred.


Plant 4: Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Division

The GRP Division of Terrazzo in Al Quoz Industrial Area in Dubai with the manufacturing facility of 1,850 Metric Tonnes covering an area of over 150,000 square feet is one of the best GRP plant in the UAE.

Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic, popularly known as GRP or FRP is a composite material made of a polymer matrix reinforced with fibers. The fibers are usually glass, carbon, basalt . The polymer is usually an epoxy, vinyl ester or polyester thermosetting plastic. The most commonly adopted manufacturing processes are Hand Layup and filament winding.

By reinforcing the plastic matrix, a wide variety of physical strengths and properties can be designed into GRP composites. Additionally the type and configuration of the reinforcement can be selected, along with the type of plastic and additives within the matrix. These variations allow an incredible range of strength and physical properties to be obtained. GRP composites can be developed specifically for the performance required versus traditional material: wood, metal, ceramic etc. 

Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic - GRP is a material which today is making a significant contribution to the economies, technology and aesthetics of the chemical, aerospace, automotive, marine, and construction industries worldwide.


Plant 5: Terrafab Division

The plant covers an area of 290,000 square feet of land and is fully equipped with the latest & state of the art machinery for the manufacture of exclusive quality products, supported by a highly skilled work force.

TERRAFAB Pre-fabricated Buildings are manufactured using the latest technology meeting the International Standards; comply to the local authority of the UAE such as Abu Dhabi Civil Defense, ADCO, ADNOC.

Over the years TERRAFAB has carved out a name for itself, completing various prestigious projects in the UAE & the neighbouring G.C.C. countries, the South African continent and as far as Australia.


Plant 6: Precast Division

Precast products are manufactured in a highly professionally managed environment and manufacturing premises. Terrazzo have the asset of very specialized technical staff & machineries to carry out all types of precast works within stipulated schedule and ensuring that the quality of works I of topmost standards. The factory is also equipped with all testing machinery for the day-to-day testing of products. Our total plant area is 245,000 square feet, in which there are two divisions running; one is precast product division and the other is hydraulically-pressed division.

Details of both divisions are as follows:

In precast concrete division, we manufacture almost all structural and non-structural precast elements in our precast yard.

Precast division

The allocated area for this division is 160,000 square feet. The installed capacity of this division as follows;

  • Precast production – 200 m3/day
  • Paving slabs (table vibrated) – 25,000 m2/month

Hydraulically press division

The allocated area for this division is 8,0000 square feet. The installed capacity of the division is as follows:

  • Hydraulic Press 1 & 2 - 30,000 rmt/month (Kerb stones) & 20,000 m2/month (single layer slabs)
  • Hydraulic Press K150 - 8,000m2/month (double layer slabs) & 25,000 nos/month (cable tiles)
  • Hydraulic Press AK530 - 50,000 m2/month (double layer slabs)

Plant 7: Terrabloc Division

TERRAZZO has installed and commissioned state-of-art robotics operated manufacturing plant based on latest innovation of German technology from Hess Group and Schlosser Pfeiffer. The manufacturing process is fully automated with an optima concept in electrical and hydraulic systems, handling of raw materials, mixing of ingredients, production & curing of elements, packing and dispatch. The advantages with a fully automatic Plant are less production area with minimum manpower, more output with better quality & flexibility.

In other words, quality and commitment, therefore, is our prime concern in all the activities we undertake and we shall all strive in earnest to continuously improve our services, our operation, our systems, our knowledge and ourselves in upholding this core value and in keeping our corporate goals of pioneering growth and leadership.

The sophisticated plant covering area of 800,000 square feet is top of the range and able to produce various kinds of block and pavers as per British Standards. It was a production capacity of approximately 86,000 nos. blocks per day OR 5,700 m2 pavers per day, depending upon various designs. TERRABLOC use over thirty different moulds to manufacture the blocks and interlocking pavers. They are available in a variety of shapes and colours with chamfered or straight edges.